These are the records I have collaborated in since I started recording, back in 2001. Since then, I have been lucky to record drums and percussion for some of the artists I admire the most.

Since I have always been very curious in regards of music styles, I was able to dive inside some of them and leave my print in recordings of Brazilian music, Pop, Jazz, Fusion, Electronic Jazz, South American and other styles.

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This is a list of the artists who I have recorded with and names of their records. They appear in order, from present to past.

  • Roxane Arnal “Doorways” (2020)
  • Viktorija Pilatovic “The only Light “(2019)
  • Arturo Serra jazz quartet “Amsterdam after dark“ (2019)
  • Albert Palau nonet “Homenaje a Assins Arbó” (2018)
  • Viktorija Pilatovic “Stories” (2017)
  • Santi Navalon “Miles Davis project” (2017)
  • Ricardo Valverde quartet “Luz” (2017)
  • Lolo Garcia “Departure” (2017)
  • Dolc Tab Jazz “Revisited” (2017)
  • Celia Mur “Sings Roberto Menescal” (2016)
  • Ales Cesarini “Nyabinghi” (2016)
  • Thais Morell “Amaralina” (2015)
  • Alexey Leon Reyes “Cuba meets Russia” (2015)
  • Marinah “El Baile de las Horas”, Montuno Productions (2013)
  • Jose Alberto Medina J.A.M Trio feat Dayna Stephens, Roads, Fresh Sound (2012)
  • Claudia Bardagí Quartet, Walking On Time, Bebyne (2012)
  • Hugo Fernandez quintet “Origenes” (2011)
  • Cream Groove (Claudio Marrero + Jose Albertto Medina (2011)
  • Raspall, Rossi, Steimberg & Warburton, Bossanova I La Geltrú, Nomada57 Records (2010)
  • Toni Mena T.M.T (2010)
  • El Cholo, Madre Fucking Patrias, Independent, (2009)
  • Jose Alberto Medina J.A.M Trio, 3, Marble records (2009)
  • Jose Alberto Medina J.A.M Trio, In My Mind, Fresh Sound (2007)
  • Andreu Zaragoza “Wide Songs” New Mood Records (2006)
  • TGX “Ara o Mai”, New Mood Records (2006)
  • Oscar Peña Group, The Return of Astronautus, Fresh Sound Records (2005)
  • Lucas Masciano, Al Diablo con Todo, Filmax Records (2004)
  • Yuki lin project (2003)
  • Oscar Peña Group, Astronautus, Fresh Sound Records (2003)
  • Anibal Martinez Quartet “Instrucciones para Girar” Satchmo Records (2002)
  • Dani Perez, Buenos Aires Barcelona Connection, Fresh Sound Records (2001)
  • IEP! Innovative Electric Project, (Awaiting Release)

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