This section will include articles that talk about me and my drumming career as a performer and educator.

Learn how to play Drum n bass with my Bateria Total published articles!

These are articles that I published in “Batería Total”, the Modern Drummer magazine translated in Spanish for Spain and Latin America.

In these articles I am talking about a specific style that I love to play, “drum n bass”. I published them in 4 different issues, starting from eight note coordination, to sixteen note coordination, to advanced patterns and concepts.

Critique from DownBeat Magazine for Viktorija Pilatovic´s “The only light”

In 2001 I made a trip to New York where I had greater access to the mix of electronic and live Jazz, which was establishing itself as a new trend. 

While it is true that since the creation of Weather Report and other modern jazz bands, electronics has been part of the new Jazz forms.

The inclusion of a DJ, Trip Hop and Drum n bass rhythms, and above all, my greatest musical inspiration, Miles Davis, made me form my group IEP ! Innovative Electric Project.

Jazz critique in La Vanguardia (Spain) by Karles Torra.

 I remember this concert at Tarantos in Barcelona´s Plaza Real for several reasons. The main one was that we played in a very improvised way, using a bunch of effects in all instrument. 

Pablo Shwarzman was testing his new toys, while he manipulated my drumset sound. Raynald Colom trying different ways (I have always loved trumpet with effects). He was very intense in that search and reminded me of the electric Miles Davis. 

That was one of those nights where the intensity doesn’t go down even in the ballads.

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