Learn to play Drums and Percussion with Private Lessons

with Mariano Steimberg

Drums and percussion private lessons in Valencia for all ages and levels.

If you leave elsewhere, now you can take classes from the comfort of your studio or your home.

We will move forward together from the level you have today, to where you want to go tomorrow. Don’t limit yourself! With my experience and your dedication you will achieve it in a short time.

We will work on all the aspects that best suit your needs.

Benefit from my extensive career as a professional drummer and percussionist, and let me share with you the tools that will enrich your learning.

Consider taking my “Improve Rhythm” lessons for pianists, bass guitarists, singers, and other instruments.

How far are you willing to go?

No matter what your level is, we will work together to meet your goals with fully practical lessons adapted for your own progress.



Learn the basics of drumming with no prior experience needed.
You will learn the main hands and feet techniques with simple and fun exercises.

You will work on basic coordination and improvisation exercises, and the rudiments, so that you can start feeling comfortable when you sit at the drum set.


Are you ready to take the next step?
Expand your knowledge in different styles and repertoires, delve into readings and consolidate improvisation concepts.

Expand your range of dynamics and drumming nuances. I will share my professional experiences with you so you can apply it to your own career.


Complete your training as a drummer and percussionist. We will polish your own style with the development of your skills.
Expand your technical vocabulary, consolidate new musical styles (world music, jazz, Brazilian, Latin, etc).

Learn and expand concepts of displacement, metric modulation, and polyrhythm.

Where can I learn to play drums?

You have the possibility to learn with my private drums and percussion classes wherever you are.
If you are lucky enough to live around Valencia, PRESENTIAL DRUM / PERC LESSONS are your best option. This way, we can play together.

Current technology breaks these limits and allows us to expand our knowledge, no matter where you reside, to take your ONLINE DRUM LESSONS from anywhere in the world (in English, Spanish or Portuguese), at any time. You will be able to save this lessons forever.

Schedule and Duration

You can take drum lessons in the mornings and in the afternoons.
New slots still available for the 2022-2023 academic year for drums and percussion students. These can be face-to-face or online lessons.
Please contact me to know availability.

Drums and percussion lessons duration is sixty minutes. But , since they are totally personalized, you can choose to receive two hours of practice in a row as well as receiving them several times a week.

Modalities and Packs

Take one private lesson per-week (price includes discount)

Take a lesson without commitment

Make an original gift of lessons according to your budget

* For more information


Mariano織s drum method and teaching connects with the roots of his student’s concerns. Thanks to this, in his private lessons he manages to give a study plan that allows the student to satisfy and respond to these concerns, but at the same time he exposes the potential of each of the strengths of his students. Without a doubt, he is one of the best! ” 

Pancho Monta簽ez (Berklee Master Graduate)

Working with Mariano was truly a great experience for me as I was able to learn so much about music as a whole and how to be a well rounded musician. One of the best things about learning with him is the fact that he is able to break things down in detail and explain different ways of reaching goals. I started playing the drums at a young age and learned by ear. Eventually I learned to sight read which helped me a lot during our lessons. Mariano is able to help develop students on either side of the spectrum. Im personally grateful for not only the tips and technical teachings he provided but also the words of advice and encouragement during our lessons. He is inspirational for me and I know hes capable of bringing the absolute best out of any student willing to learn and grow.

Travis Collins (Berklee Master Graduate)

“I met Mariano Steimberg when I was 16 years old. I had already been dedicated to music for 8 years, but his study plan was key in the development of time and efficiency. Mariano sets you the language, technique and coordination guidelines necessary to develop your own style. 

Ten years later we met again during my master’s degree at Berklee College of Music (Valencia Campus) where I continued taking lessons with him, transcribing different artists and working on my sound and groove. Mariano, apart from being a great teacher, is an incredible musician. Seeing him play inspired me to now pursue drums on a professional level. “

Xerach Pe簽ate Santana (Berklee Master Graduate)

“My dream was to play the drums. At 65, I started private lessons with Mariano Steimberg, who inspired me to start saying it is never late.

It was the best decision I have made in my life. In the years that we have been together I have learned to play many different styles, to read music, and be able to follow drum charts.  Above all, each class inspires me more and more. I’ve even managed to get on to play some of the best jam sessions in Valencia! “

J. Luis C. (private student)


At what age can I start playing drums and percussion?

Age does not matter! You can start from any level and at any age.
My students range from five-year-olds learning percussion and drums, to retirees who didn’t want to miss out on this experience in their lives.
Don’t limit yourself.

What do I need to learn drums online?

Install one of the following video communication programs in your computer: Zoom (recommended) or Skype.
Practice pad, drums, or both.

Is it difficult to learn to play the drums?

You can learn to play the drums quickly and easily. With the first class you will be able to accompany songs on drums!

The important benefits of drumming

Drumming is fun!
Helps work our mind and improves concentration
Reduces stress and is a good exercise
Develops the psycho-motor system and body coordination
Good to express your feelings
Exercises your stage fright
Develops intelligence by working both hemispheres of the brain
Drumming helps repair some Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disorders

Why are drums so important in music?

Developing rhythm skills is the most important aspect of music, because time is non-negotiable. It must be good and solid. Drums bring all the other instruments together and shapes songs. Furthermore, rhythm it is the element that makes people dance.

Could I learn to play drums without a drum set?

Yes! You can take drum lessons without having a set.
I will teach you rhythmic exercises that you can adapt to your body, play on a practice pad or play in the air. The rhythms will be fixed in your brain anyway.

Can I learn to play the drums from YouTube videos?

Yes. Now you can check my free drum lessons on YouTube! But with my private lessons, I will guide you on your needs.

When can I start taking drum lessons?

You can start today! 漎漎漎漎漎

Watch this advanced free drum lesson on polyrhythms.

BEST explained exercise to practice POLYRHYTHMS – 2 against 3 ! 

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